Welcome. This web site was established very many years ago as a resource for those interested in the genealogy of the Bickerstaff surname. Since then there has been an explosion of genealogical web sites and my humble site has been well and truly overtaken and surpassed. With respect to Bickerstaff family material, I can highly recommend the web site created by Bill Bickerstaff from the U.K. (password = "beekeeper"). You might also want to check out the Bickerstaff Genealogy bulletin board.

With respect to finding living Bickerstaff's on the web, apart from all the usual search engines, you might want to try sites like the XoomInfo People Directory.

Other commitments now unfortunately prevent me devoting the time needed to maintain this site, but I will keep it online as a resource for family research.

Let me show you the Bickerstaff story

... and now our honour roll:

The Australia and N.Z. Contingent

Bruce BickerstaffRobert Bickerstaff
David & Vicky BickerstaffTim Bickerstaff
John BickerstaffPaul Bickerstaff
Iain BickerstaffRoom for another Bick here

The U.K and Ireland Contingent

Room for another Bick here Arthur Bickerstaffe Woods
Ian Bickerstaffe and familyMarie Borland
Carol PurdhamKen Lees
Alasdair BickerstaffPeter John Bickerstaffe
Simon BickerstaffeMark Bickerstaffe
Gary BickerstaffeAdrian James Bickerstaff
Joe BickerstaffBill Bickerstaff
Marion Dene HoughtonPhilip Bickerstaffe

The Canadian Contingent

Joe Bickerstaff (and dad, Grant) Arthur & John Bickerstaff
Steven Bickerstaffe Laurie Ladick
Michael & Cindy BickerstaffeHarold Bickerstaff
Gerry HodgsonJanice Abdilla
Deborah NicolRoom for another Bick here

The USA Contingent

Jim (Bubba) BickerstaffDawn Meade
Barbara BridgesDoug Bickerstaff
Bryant Bickerstaff, and son DaveJoseph Mencarini III
John SalterRobert Schoppe
The once-mysterious "" Lester M. Bickerstaff
Mark BickerstaffeMark Bickerstaff
George Bickerstaff and familyLinda Bickerstaff Walden
Doris FarberLynn Bickerstaff
Michael BickerstaffKen Bickerstaff
Helen BoxBruce William Bickersteth
Henry Martin BickerstaffDavid Bickerstaff
Barbara Bickerstaff H. Jeff Bickerstaff, Jr.
Jim WrightMark & Sheryl Campbell
Lindsay Neill Bickerstaff III Linda Gale Bickerstaff Barker
David Bickerstaff Gene Biggerstaff
Edwin BickerstaffKim Pulsipher
Melissa Norris BickerstaffJeff Bickerstaff
Charles W. BickerstaffGayle Flournoy
Patricia GatesBonita Bickerstaff Spall
Lynda BickerstaffC.Wayne Bickerstaff
Sue Bickerstaff GillispieDebra Buck Green
Clare AllsebrookMargaret Porter Gardner
Rod BickerstaffKim Danielsen
Jim MajorDennis Bickerstaff
Kathy CliftonAnna Bickerstaff

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